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The Stony Brook Independent

(Apr. 25, 2010) Rubber Ducks Race for Fame and a Home*
(Sep. 06, 2010) Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Stony Brook Edition
(Sep. 23, 2010) New Bike-Share Program Planned for Spring Semester
(Oct. 03, 2010) Walk for Beauty, Walk for Life
(Oct. 17, 2010) Low Turnout at Event to Promote Community Service
(Nov. 19, 2010) Provost Named President of University of Minnesota
(Mar. 16, 2011) The Future of Painkillers*
(Mar. 16, 2011) Amazonian Treefrogs Exhibit ‘Megadiversity‘*
(Sep. 16, 2011) SB Guardian is a Blue Light in Your Pocket

Three Village Patch

(Sep. 07, 2010) East Setauket Angler Wins Greatest Bluefish Tournament
(Sep. 28, 2010) Bike-Share Program in Development at Stony Brook University)
(Oct. 04, 2010) High Turnout at Walk for Beauty, Walk for Life
(Oct. 22, 2010) Town of Brookhaven Honors Rev. Gregory Leonard
(Nov. 25, 2010) Three Villagers Get Thankful
(Dec. 24, 2010) Local Stores’ Christmas Eve Hours
(Feb. 01, 2011) Stony Brook Students Settle Back in After Winter Break
(Feb. 25, 2011) Car Sharing Service Comes to Stony Brook
(Apr. 19, 2011) Help Wanted: Job Postings in Three Village
(Sep. 01, 2011) Back to School 2011: 8 Dorm Essentials You Didn’t Think You Needed
(Sep. 02, 2011) Back to School 2011: 8 Essential Electronics and Appliances
(Nov. 05, 2011) “Race to Nowhere” Gets Parents Thinking

(Apr. 29, 2011) Faces of Three Village: Wayne Vitale’s Bees Make Life a Little Sweeter
(May 13, 2011) Faces of Three Village: Jyringi Aids Families, Patients Affected by Alzheimer’s
(May 20, 2011) Faces of Three Village: Leah Jantzen, Coach for Success
(Sep. 08, 2011) Faces of Three Village: Erik Dimech Sets an Example
(Sep. 30, 2011) Faces of Three Village: Brian O’Hea to be Honored at Walk for Beauty 

Laptop Magazine

(May 31, 2011) HP Recalls 162,000 More Laptop Batteries
(Jun. 21, 2011) Withings Uses iPhone For New Blood Pressure Monitor
(Jun. 21, 2011) Apple’s Rumored Black MacBook Air Debunked
(Jul. 12, 2011) A Third of Confused iPhone Owners Think They Have 4G
(Jul. 20, 2011) Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Save the Environment with Facebook
(Jul. 21, 2011) New Ways to Keep Yourself Organized with Cocoon’s Sleeve²
(Jul. 22, 2011) Keep Electronics Dry with the Central Park Professional Backpack
(Jul. 22, 2011) Where to Buy the White MacBook
(Jul. 26, 2011) PlusTek Announces New OpticBook 3800
(Aug. 22, 2011) Where to Find the HP TouchPad in StockAug. 23, 2011
(Aug. 23, 2011) Could You Get Android on Your TouchPad?
(Nov. 26, 2011) Cyberinsurance: Everything You Need to Know


Jamaica Bay’s Nitrogen Cycle*
Occupy Wall Street*
Stony Brook University’s Walk for Beauty*


*Originally written/produced for a class.

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